Brewer-Hendley Rises As Chevron’s Gold and Silver Medalist

For The 11th Year In A Row, Brewer-Hendley Oil Company Is Recognized As A Top Marketer In 2018

Brewer-Hendley Oil Company continues to reign supreme by being awarded Chevron Gold Medalist accolades in  Chevron’s 2018 Medalist Program. Chevron’s Medalist Program rewards the top performing Marketers for Chevron lubricants purchased over a 12-month period.

Medalists standing is calculated using a point system that takes into account purchased volume and the percentage grown in comparison to past periods. Marketers earn points based on three categories: Synthetic & ELC, Premium, and Conventional.

As illustrated with our industry expertise and commitment to offering the best in service and leading class lubricants, Chevron has recognized Brewer-Hendley as a 1st Source Elite Marketer. Brewer-Hendley has not only consecutively achieved this standing, but have raked in the following awards since the early 2000’s:

Gold Award(7+ years): Highest achieving award for lubricant suppliers

Diamond Club Award (4+ years): Marketers that achieve the highest outstanding growth

Thank You To Our Customers and Employees For Your Dedication And Support

Over the years, Brewer-Hendley Oil Company has elevated business practices by staying true to our core values of family, service, quality, and grit. All that Brewer-Hendley has accomplished is because of our loyal customers and entrusted employees. We thank you for the continued support and vow to uphold only the best in business. As technology continues to advance in our industry, we are constantly innovating to meet these changes. From our Isoclean Certified Lubricants Program to our Lubewatch Oil Analysis Program,  we provide our customers with top of the line services. Chevron adds the value of quality and reliable products that our customers can depend on.  If your ready to join the Brewer-Hendley family, Call us at 704-233-2600.