The Myths of Engine Idling

Like most parents,Ā  they believe they always know best. In most cases, this is accurate (at least that’s what we’ll say) except when it comes to the myths of engine idling.

Engine idling is when your car is not in motion, but the engine is active. As the colder seasons approach, parents often urge their children to warm up their car by turning the vehicle on idly. In the time of older engines, the evils of engine idling was a necessity. In today’s modern engines, The United States Department of Energy suggest that you should have no more than 30 seconds of idling before driving, particularly in cold climates. Engine idling for long periods of time can lead to engine inefficiencies and lost dollars from your wallet.

Understanding the Myths of Engine Idling

Below is a comparison of engine idling myths and facts.

How can you avoid engine idling?

Here are 2 ways to be idle free:

  1. Follow the 10 second rule: If your not in traffic or somewhere that requires your engine to stay on and your waiting for more than 10 seconds, turn your engine off! Idling for just 10 seconds wastes more gas than restarting your engine
  2. Warm up your engine and interior car by driving, not by idling. In modern engines, the ideal operating temperature is reached faster by driving then by idling.

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